JM 4X4 Suspension

JM4x4/WCS Tank 300 3inch lift kit (ULTRA FLEX PACKAGE)

JM4x4/WCS Tank 300 3inch lift kit (ULTRA FLEX PACKAGE)

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Front coil
Rear coil

Push the limits of your Tank 300 with this high performance suspension package. Built and designed to maximize the IFS front ends wheel travel whilst also improving ride quality and performance. This quality suspension upgrade also fixes the soft rebound dampening causing the vehicle to potentially lift the rear wheel under extreme braking.

Perfect for those wanting to run 35-37inch tires and push the rear suspension wheel travel to the max ! 


Featuring Twin tube nitro gas shocks, Offset strut caps, Extended sway bar links, F&R Bumpstop relocation kit. 

Kit includes 

Front long travel struts 

Strut caps 

Front coils 

Front bump stop relocation - (only needed for 37s)

Rear long travel shocks 

Rear shock Plates 

Rear coils 

Rear extended sway bar links

Rear bump stop relocation kit 

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