Services We Offer

Did you know we offer a huge range of inhouse services. Both mobile and onsite ? 

Suspension - 

We offer a huge range of suspension products from lift kits, trailer suspension, suspension upgrades and repairs, diagnosis and fault finding, even custom set up work.  

Steering - 

Steer in the right direction with us. We can fix all your steering needs from steering rack, box and component repairs, replacement or rebuilds. we have an immense amount of knowledge in LH to RH converted American vehicles. 

4wd Fabrication - 

Got tire rub ? we can cut and adjust fenders, flares, body mounts, bull bars and so much more. Custom sliders, suspension brackets are just the beginning. 

Body Lift - 

We are the body lift specialists. From Y62 patrols right down to Suzuki Jimnys. We understand the intricacies involved and how to do it right for engineering approval. If it can be done we can make it happen and have the ability to manufacture custom kits as needed.