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JM 4X4 Suspension

JM4x4 - KUN/GUN Hilux 30mm Diff Drop Kit

JM4x4 - KUN/GUN Hilux 30mm Diff Drop Kit

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Eliminate CV bind and Boot related issues with our Diff drop kit ! 

Designed to relocate the front differential down. This prevents CV boots front pinching causing extreme wear eventually tearing the boots. CV joints also remain straighter on articulation improving strength. ( CV joints become weaker with additional angle) The straighter the better ! 


* Drops front diff down 30mm 

* Suits 2-4 inch lift set ups 

* Replaces the weak factory mounts 

* Silent block rubber bushes for reduced NVH

* Suit all KUN models from 2005 - 2015 

* Suit all GUN/N80 models from 2015+

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