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JM 4X4 Suspension

1 x FRONT Upper Control Arm (ISUZU D-MAX & MAZDA BT-50 2020 Onwards, ISUZU MUX 2021 Onwards - 4JJ3 Engine)

1 x FRONT Upper Control Arm (ISUZU D-MAX & MAZDA BT-50 2020 Onwards, ISUZU MUX 2021 Onwards - 4JJ3 Engine)

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What is this?

A pair of front billet upper control arms designed to suit the current 4JJ3 Isuzu/Mazda platform, being from 2020 - 2023+. Uses factory ball joints and bushes to ensure the ease of finding replacement parts and high quality components.

Made from Billet 6061 Aluminium with a sandblasted and anodised finish.

What are the benefits?

These arms help correct the suspension geometry which is skewed from factory. They work for all lifts and allow camber to be corrected and are non-adjustable to prevent your wheel alignment from being thrown out when off-roading.

If you are running huge caster, please be aware of the possible CV bind (due to wheel track shortening on droop). You will need to reduce the caster to minimise the risk of damage to your front diff. Yes, it means more cutting to clear your tyres, but with more caster, you are smashing the CV shafts into the cups and causing binding. This could potentially lead to blowing your CVs' or your front diff apart. We do have a new product coming soon to help with the cut and close of the body mount without loosing one of the securing bolts. Info coming soon regarding this and our bump steer fix!!

We choose not to offer a replacement set of balljoints because your car is so new and don't fix what is not broken!! When it comes time to replace the balljoints we strongly suggest replacing with genuine balloints. We found Genuine balljoints do have better articulation than aftermarket replacements. They cost more but you do get a better product.



Once the upper control arms are fitted, the arms need to be Mod-plated/Engineered by a Relevant Signatory/Engineer for your State/Territory to be compliant for on-road use. We have had the testing done and the arms have passed in QLD. 
This is up to you as the customer to complete. 

You can view the vehicle control arm load test report here,.

UCA's do not come with Balljoints for the reason mentioned above, but we do supply with Bushes already fitted.

Options Available

The following colours are available:-

-       Munji Blue

-       Stealth Black

-       Raw Aluminium

What vehicles does this suit?

-       Isuzu D-Max 2020 onwards (4JJ3 Engine)

-       Isuzu MUX 2021 onwards (4JJ3 Engine)

-       Mazda BT-50 2020 onwards (4JJ3 Engine)

Tools required – socket set / spanners / jack / hoist (if available) / hammer / balljoint removal tool / pliers

Installation Time - Approximately 2+/- hours depending on the tools available and workspace.  (Check out our instructions and engineer information here)

Difficulty – Good tool / mechanical knowledge required

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